Monday, May 13, 2013

Forgive my Indulgence...

Forgive my indulgence, but I couldn't resist putting up some of my autumn photos. The autumn trees and leaves are just too beautiful. It seems a half hour doesn't pass when I don't find myself stopping and staring at the colours - a tree or leaf caught in light, a scattering of rich coloured leaves on grass. My Poppet and I go on long walks and come home laden with leaves of all hues, nuts and seedpods. The velvety flower stem of the magnolia, acorns, gum-nuts, spiky bobbins are counted amongst our treasures. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness stay longer, please!
This week is forecast for rain throughout, so I am preparing for days of coats and gumboots, for jumping in muddy puddles and coming home sopping to steaming, lavender-scented baths.
We all have colds so we are indulging in lots of manuka-honey toast (with lashings of butter), lemon honey drinks and hot eucalyptus towels to hold against aching eyes. It's comforting and cosy. Sniffles notwithstanding, Autumn is my favourite and my best!