Monday, May 13, 2013


This hasn't happened in the longest time. We're talking years and years.
A brand new story has said (yelled, loudly) 'write me'. In some ways it's a bit of a pain, as I need to add it to the queue now, and the queue is presently seven fiction and one non-fiction books long, plus a good half dozen manuscripts in need of editing...
But because this is a glimmer of a Brand New Story it is also exciting, an unexpected thrill.
I keep getting little glimpses of my story as I go about my day. Seen from the corner of my eye, I see this flash of gold, this tantalising gleam of 'something.'
I don't know a lot about the story.
But I know... the main character is a golden lioness of a women, a flapper with an amazing wardrobe (thank you Pinterest for all your inspiration!) and no patience for fools. (Is she inspired by Dorothy Sawyer's Harriet Vane... I didn't think about it until this very second... but maybe...) Whatever, her wardrobe is amazing. I am going to have so much fun with it.
She's also a librarian. It's entirely possible a body (or two) will be found in the book-lift. Which is the little lift used to move books between floors and which I have often been worried a body will roll out of when I'm on lock-up or first to arrive.
And... it's a steampunk world. So I get to have my Flappers and their amazing dresses but leave out the depression, and add all sorts of funky stuff.... Oh the fizz and fun of it!
I am determined there will be sky-pirates - a word and concept I only came across yesterday and immediately pounced upon and said Yes: there will be sky-pirates.
So... just a glimmering now... but such a lovely gleam of colourful, translucent, promising light. 


  1. There should definitely be sky pirates, there should be more of those guys around in life.

    You know, I have only written non-fiction and always say that I wan to read more fiction not write it... but then I remembered my teenage years and the writing I did and then before son number two (who's 13 now) I did a writing class and wrote 20,000 words. And I've been just wondering whether I should...

    Do you think I should lie down and wait until the feeling passes?

  2. No, no, grab a pen and write! It's so much fun! Camp Nano July is coming up, and there's something about knowing you have a deadline that gives you the freedom just to write without constraint - at least that's how it works for me. I'm tempted to dare you...!

    And I definitely think there should be more sky pirates around. Maybe with tigers. Of the semi-tamed variety...