Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stepping Back in Time...

We remain in holiday mode and today visited the Caboolture Historic Village. It shames me to say it's my first visit although I've been in and out of the area for the past 6 years.
As a place to take lively young kids it gets a definite thumbs up. There's heaps of space for the kids to run and extras like the mini train were the cherry on the cake. Major plus - the cafe had outdoor seats and we enjoyed home made devonshire tea while the kids frolicked. 
School holiday activities were happening and a policeman drove up with sirens blaring *, the old fire truck rolled up, and a man from St Johns ambulance demonstrated CPR. There were songs and dancing about safety and while my kids were too young to appreciate it, the older kids really loved it.
The village was of additional interest to us as the hospital the kids Great Nana was born in had been trucked in, and their Great Grandpa (deceased) donated saws. A lot of the kids relatives worked in logging - their Grandpa started work at 13 and their Great Nana lost fingers in a sawing accident. This is the area my Beloved and his folks belong to and it was fascinating to see the history.
And I wanted to house-nap most of the houses and move in! Gotta love a real old Queenslander! (Okay, folks on the far side of the world, not old by European standards, but Old by Australian standards!) 
We couldn't have had nicer weather if we'd put in an order.

              Sprocket with Aunty Bec. He had his doubts about the Safety Singers.
                                         Blow, Aunty Bec!

                  Poppet in the doorway of the Hospital her Great Nana was born in.
A ward in the Old Hospital. Far prettier than the ones I had my kids in... but oddly lacking in life-saving machinery and ensuites... or even showers...

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