Sunday, October 28, 2012

Annie's Chair

Annie's Chair is a delightful story about a toddler and her very own, most special chair. The main character, Annie, is very toddler-like and the story is funny and sweet - and Annie learns to share - yay! The illustrations are bright and inviting while the text is playful and fun. 
I also loved this story because of the chair - which is just like my very own favourite saucer chair. One just like it used to live down at our beach house, hanging out on the verandah, and I've got so many memories of curling up in it (and it was the best chair for curling up in!) holding cups of tea and watching storms out at sea, or sitting in it  just back from a swim on a hot summers day, glorying in heat and sand and salty skin and the murmur of the sea and the sound of the crowds on the beach. 
I managed to find one just like it on ebay recently. It was slightly broken but - one of the great benefits of country living is how kind everyone is -  the local joiners fixed it for free. 
Now the chair is my Poppet's favourite. 
The author/illustrator, Deborah Niland, also belongs to one of my very favourite Australian writing dynasties. She's the daughter of Ruth Park who wrote My Sister Sif, Playing Beattie Bow & The Harp in the South trilogy among others - all of which are brilliant and at the very top of my favourites list and D'arcy Niland, who most famously wrote The Sherillee - another Australian classic. Deborah's sister Kilmeny also writes picture books, and they've written some together. In the next generation Kilmeny's sonTom Champion also creates delightful children's picture books - some in family collaborations. I'm not sure about you - but I love seeing families creating together and a confluence of talent! 
I borrowed Annie's Chair from the library - but it's definitely a keeper and I'll be looking out for a copy for the Christmas Stocking. (Okay, partly because of the much-loved-chair, but mainly because it's a lovely read!) 

Do you have a much loved favourite chair, one that just seems to call to you to come, sit down and put your feet up?


  1. Hell, that's interesting to read about these writing dynasties. That chair looks divine. You have reminded me that I've been meaning to get a hammock swing seat out of the garage and hang it up. We moved here 5 years ago and it's taken me this long to find it again. But now I have and I fancy a laze in it.

  2. Hammock swings are the best! With summer coming it would be brilliant to sit outside and just swing. Good luck with putting it up -here's wishing you many lazy summer days!

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