Monday, October 15, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring and a young man's thoughts turn to love. 
Spring and a (not so) young woman's thoughts turn to cleaning. 
But in a good, exciting way. Yes, it's possible even for me! 
So I'm cleaning out the house, my computer, my diet, my exercise habits, my desk... and my blog. Let's not have any half-heartedness here. Full immersion is the way to go. And I've only got two weeks to get everything in order before I start on NANOWRIMO - or writing a novel in a month. 
Out with the old gloom of winter * and in with the new growth of spring. 
I am a little late in the season, but we returned from our holiday to be welcomed by apple blossom and tulips and it inspired me. 
So... how's it starting out? 
Well... yesterday I started the 10,000 steps a day challenge with my workmates. Issy will be getting lots and lots of walks. 
And I have returned to my vegetarian ways. (I was a vegetarian for 12 years until, pregnant with the sprocket, I began craving beefburgers. But the Poppet is down to two feeds a day so I'm ready to give up my carnivorous ways again... ) So... a mainly vegan diet but with free range eggs and a bit of ethical salmon thrown in.**
We've um... started on cleaning out the house. Which is to say the scrubbing brushes have been found. 
Folders are being made on my computer. 
And the blog?
Well. I've decided on a schedule. 

Monday : A review of a kids book. 
Tuesday: A review of something I'm reading
Wedensday: Writing Stuff
Thursday: On Books & Publishing
Friday: Random Sweet Stuff 
Saturday: Rambles on the Great Outdoors
Sunday: Photos from the Week

Let's see if I stick to it! Please hold me accountable! 
Obviously, it starts from... Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that...

                     My Apple Blossom! Here's hoping for a good crop!

           (Mum, do you know what this flower is? I really like it but don't have a clue) 

*I do love winter, a blustery wind and a bristling fire and a bottle of wine, but this one has been long 
and full of sickness 

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