Friday, October 12, 2012

Drenched in Light

While my first love will always be for the stormy, temperate places - there's something about the quality of light in a Queensland Summer that is rapidly winning me over.
I've heard some people say that the light in Australia reminds them of Greece. I look forward to checking the Mediterranean light out - but I don't think those people were talking about my native Victoria when they were praising Australian Light. We may get four seasons in one day - but a lot of them involve drizzle.
This Queensland light though - with the sun just drenching everything - yep.
I get there might be similarities.
If I were an an artist I would get out paint brush and canvas (until one of the wee ones firmly took them from me saying "Mine do!") and paint. But I'm not.
As it is, I just get out the camera and be grateful my kid will be able to look back on a sun-drenched childhood. (At least when we're up visiting Nana and Grandpa...)