Friday, October 26, 2012

Are You a Baby-Addict?

I definitely am.
The itsy-bitsy fingers, the darling leetle feet, the sweet, fresh, milky new-born smell, the eyes that seem to stare straight through you into a world you can't see, the arf-arf-arf as they gulp up their milk, the strange underwater dance they do with their hands and legs as they sleep, the absolute rightness of the weight and warmth of them when you hold them... you get the picture.
Happiness is a newborn.
My Beloved finds this hard to understand.
He reckons his own babies were wonderful enough, once they got over their original red-squashedness (please note, they were completely perfect in every way from the second they were born) but they really didn't become that entertaining until they were a bit older, and as for other peoples babies? Unless they have an interesting ailment he's really not that interested.
Bizarre as it seems, he's not alone. When my Sprocket was a newborn an aunt said that kittens and puppies of the same age were so much more interesting.  I've been wary around her ever since.
A friend from school had a wee one recently and I got to see her little daughter today. I even got to hold her. (I had to keep reciting IwillnotgetcluckyIwillnotgetcluckyIwillnotgetclucky to myself) She really was an exceptionally beautiful baby. As dainty and delicate as a little elf child, with wondrously long fingers and a cap of fine dark hair.
As all babies are, she was completely perfect and the most wonderful baby in the whole world.
As a writer, I create stories from all that I am, all that I've lived through and read and wondered about.
But babies,  a whole and completely new person knit together in their mothers womb, are a different order of magic completely.
They never fail to blow me away. Such a tiny bundle jam packed full of promise and possibilities, their mother's dreams, their father's hopes... A new life just beginning, and their parents lives about to be turned inside out and back to front. (In a good way!)

Are you a baby-addict? Or more of a toddler fan when they start coming out with the funny phrases and actions and you see their personality shine clearly back at you? 

Now, let me just go off somewhere to repeat IwillnotgetcluckyIwillnotgetcluckyIwillnotgetclucky

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  1. This is lovely Kirsty! I never really understood the baby addict thing, but I am completely sold on it. She is perfect and has turned many lives inside out, not just ours.
    On another note, you left your camera case here, so I am sure I will see you soon.