Monday, March 5, 2012

Ten (more) Things of Giggles and Sweetness

One. It's been awhile since my Beloved and I got to lie next to each other at night. When we did, I always liked an arm wrapped around me. Now, my Sprocket lies between us, and every night he tells me, "Mummy, arm around Ghee." 

Two. My Sprocket stayed home with his Daddy one day this week when they both had the sniffles.  My Poppet was fine and I dropped her at childcare on the way to work. My Sprocket spent the whole day telling my Beloved "It's time to get Bubba from school. Daddy, get Bubba!"

Three. My Poppet sits on the toilet. She is so proud of herself she grins from ear to ear. Whether she actually does something or not, she always chortles and giggles and claps and cheers herself. Cutest thing ever. When My Sprocket does something on the toilet she also claps and cheers and jumps up and down. So exciting! 

Four. My Sprocket lies next to me in bed. It's my favourite time, when we're all at peace and enclosed in the dark, just talking about the day. "And the mummy dragon flies high up in the sky, and the baby dragon flies high up in the sky, up above the airport...." The story continues until he falls asleep. 

Five. My parents come and stay the night. This is very exciting. The day after they leave my Sprocket wakes at 6am, looks around and then hurries out of bed. "Where are you going, darling?" 
"Nana Budgie!" I hate to tell him Nana & Grandpa Budgie are already gone. 

Six. "Sprocket, why is Poppet crying?" (Note to self, stop asking stupid questions.) 
"I bit her." 
"Why did you bite Poppet, Sprocket?" 
"Sometimes I do things that are a little bit naughty." 

Seven. I dress Poppet in my favourite outfit - a little brown cord dress with floral appliques and a faux fur waistcoat and we troop to the park. It's been raining a lot and we're glad to be out of the house. Of course... on the way to the park is a massive puddle. Within minutes Sprocket and Poppet are soaked. I just watch and laugh. They have a ball. Clothes can always be washed. 

Eight. We're trying to explain the concept of grandparents to my Sprocket. "Nana Budgie is Mummy's Mummy, Sprocket." 
"No! My Mummy!" 
"Yes honey, I'm your mummy, and Nana Budgie is my mummy." 
"My Mummy!" 

Nine. We sing in harmony for the first time. Sprocket and Poppet sing 'Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding' from 'The Annoying Thing - Crazy Frog' Youtube while I sing (under the Sprocket's direction) 'I'm the mummy monster! Grrr! Grrrrr! Grrrr! I'm the mummy monster!' 

 Poppet comes over to where I'm on the computer chair. 'Off! Share, mummy! Chair!' She starts pulling my hand. When I get off she points. 'Up! Chair!' I pick her up and put her on the chair and she grins. "Chair." She sits and surveys her kingdom. Then switches off the computer. 


  1. #6 - Classic!! Miss them muchly.

    1. Number 6 was so funny! When he's trying to persuade me he's actually been good I often tell him "Yes, you are my good and wonderful boy, but sometimes you do things that are a little bit naughty"... turns out he listens to me!

  2. Very sweet memories :-)

    1. So sweet! Can't believe how quickly they're growing... Sigh...

  3. Awww, so glad you're writing these down!

    1. I don't want to gorget - and it's so hard to remember all the little things!