Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ten (More) things of Giggles and Sweetness

One. My Sprocket puffing out his little chest, flexing his arms and making funny faces before he jumps into the swimming pool with a massive war whoop. All eyes are on him and he'll make the most of it! 

Two. My Poppet balancing awkwardly, but very determinedly, as she trying to get her tiny pink foot into my great big black Ugg boot. 

Three. My Sprocket telling me "I'm not a son! I'm a daughter! I'm a baby sister." (It is true the Poppet gets told off a lot less than the Sprocket. Sigh. Now I feel guilty. But it's still cute!) 

Four. My Poppet telling on me in the early hours of the morning. 

"No milk till morning, darling. Wait for the sun to come up," I mumble.
She crawls over to her daddy. "Mumma! More! Milk! More!" she tells him. Then she cuddles up beside him and goes back to sleep. 

Five. My Poppet demanding more stories. And more stories. And more stories. 'More, mumma! More!' she tells me, bringing me yet another book. My little story-girl. 

Six. My little Poppet calling for her 'Nana.' Repeatedly. Every day. Until I put on skype. 

Seven. My Sprocket's dedication, determination and go-get-it attitude. He looks at a situation. Sizes it up. And acts. Furniture is dragged here. And there. And piled one piece on top of the other. A chair on a table is not uncommon. He has started dragging his toy kitchen over to the fridge to climb up it to get the goodies on top. He has also pulled a chair over to the fridge and then used the broom to 'sweep' everything off the top. We have decided to store treats (and knives) in safe-boxes. We are only curious as to how long it will take him to work out the combinations. 

Eight. What can I say. I'm shallow. My Poppet's little red suede shoes with the flowers just make me go 'Aaaaw'. 

Nine. At night, as we go to sleep My Sprocket still cuddles up to me. We talk about the days and what happens when. On Monday everyone goes to school (We don't talk about Monday much) On Tuesday we have swimming. On Wednesday and Friday we have Playgroup. On Thursday we go to the playground. On Saturday we wake up and go to the Beach. On Sunday we go to Church. 

I like the beach! he tells me. 'I do to, honey, I do to.' 

Ten. As we drive to childcare and work on Monday morning My Sprocket wails "Ghee goes to school soon." 

Poor, deluded, hon. 
From the way my beloved and I say 'soon'  - soon we will go to the playground, soon we will go to the beach, you can have some chocolate soon, he thinks it means 'sometime not now.' In toddler-time 'soon' means far, far far off in the distant future. 
But as we drive along the road to childcare soon is actually nowish. Sigh. 

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  1. Little shoes are very cute - I particularly can't help buying little gumboots when I see them in upshots