Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pegasus, Robin McKinley (Oh the cruelty!)

Recently, at the library, as I was running around after two small, giggling and squealing hooligans,futilely trying to say the library's not the place for tiggy, I snatched up a book by one of my very very favouritest authors. 
I've known it was out for awhile, as the reviews I had glanced at hadn't been that enthusiastic and I was scared of being disappointed. 
I wasn't disappointed. In Pegasus, Robin McKinley made up another rich and wonderful world, another likeable, dog-loving, horse-loving (in this case more Pegasus loving)heroine, and two more rich and dense cultures. The main character Sylvi, was a delight to spend time with, and her bond-mate and best friend the black Pegasus, Ebon, who introduces her to his elegant and graceful culture had all the best qualities of a teenager - playfulness, inventiveness, lack of ceremony. 
For the time I was reading I was totally immersed and interruptions found me blinking and confused. 
As usual the writing was descriptive and warm and all too easy to be lost in. There was wonder. There were sections that just made my heart sing and soar.
It wasn't until I was reaching the end of the book that I began to twig to the fatal flaw. 
There weren't that many pages to go and yet nothing had really been resolved - it seemed like a climax had been built to - but not enough words left to fix everything in a way that was... fulfilling. 
Frowning began. Both at the thought of the book ending (Nooooo!) and that... I didn't see how the resolution could be crammed in. 
So I did some rapid googling... and discovered there would be no resolution. The story had been cut in half (McKinley doesn't believe in sequels so it's 'one story in two books') and ... this is the killer -
- The next book is not due out till 2014. 
That's right folks. 
So yeah. 
Much as I loved it. 
(And I did, I did I did! I will re-read it again very very soon. And then re-read it and then put it on my too-be-reread every year list) It was alive and lovely and rapidly became very very dear to me. 
I would advise you not to read this first half until 2014 when you can read the story in it's entirety and thus not be left hanging for  two *&%$##%^^ years. 

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