Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charlie is my Darling (Or Not)

My Poppet and I are dancing around the living room to this song this week: 

Eddi Reader's Charlie is my Darling, one of Robert Burns' songs.  
We love the raucous life of it. Can't you just feel the vibe. It has me itching to see some live music!
My Sprocket's not so interested, but my little mini-me is entranced.
The song is about Bonnie (or not so Bonnie!) Prince Charlie, the Young Pretender. Being a republican I've a bit of a down on anyone who believes in the Divine Right of Kings so Charlie is not quite my darling.
But I love this Song. I love how Eddi sings it - the buzz and the passion and the fun of it.
I was originally looking for this song:

'Willie Stewart', another Robert Burns song that Eddi Reader sings on her Robert Burns album (Which is brilliant) An inbred and delusional Prince who brought Scotland to ruin is not my thing - but Robert Burns... sigh. All I can say is it's a good thing he's well and truly dead. 
Four years ago by completely random coincidence Eddi Reader turned up to do a gig at the tiny coastal town my beloved and I were living in. 
The same weekend I turned 30. 
Talk about a birthday present. I'm still a bit stunned at it to be honest. 
At the time we (okay - I) were desperate for a baby and it seemed like we'd been trying for months and months and months so I was all mournful. 
I didn't know it then... but our baby was - finally - on his way. 
William Stewart are my Sprocket's middle names - William is a family name on both sides and Stewart is after a very dear friend from Scotland who died far too young. We were never in any doubt as to what we'd name our wee one if he was a boy. I love that this song is so fitting for my Sprocket. 


  1. love Edie Reader's voice, Scottish music is great to dance to

    1. Her voice is amazing. So distinctive and such a range.

  2. Possibly my favourite Eddi Reader song. Great album in general.

  3. I love the song - and yes the album is brilliant. We had it playing when I was having both the kids! (Along with a lot of other stuff!) Great concept brilliantly done!