Friday, March 9, 2012

Not that I'm Addicted or Anything...

Not that I'm addicted or anything... but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. 
My 'dry' day. 
My day-without-Internet. 
24 hours seems like a long, long time. 
I suggested to my Beloved that maybe 13 hours, say, from when the kids wake up to when they go to bed, and maybe with a time out at nap-time, would be better. 
But he seems to think that's a bit of a cop out. 
Maybe it is. 
But I'll hear that little 'ding' on the phone that means an email has come through - and I won't know what it is or who it's from. 
I find this hard. 
But I think the fact that just thinking about no-Internet gives me the shakes means it has to be done. 
So goodbye till Sunday Folks. I have a lot to get done before Midnight! 

1 comment:

  1. She cheated!!

    She looked over my shoulder when I checked her emails.

    In my opinion -- that deserves another whole 24 hours.

    What say you?