Thursday, March 15, 2012


So help me out here. We intend to paint our house in the very near future. Whenever it lets up raining, really. At present our house is yellow with maroon and pale green trim. Yep. We've lived in it for a year. Every time I come up the drive I sort of close my eyes and pretend I'm looking at something else. But for my birthday I got lots of yummy birthday money (for which much thanks everyone!) and paint came onto the agenda. 
So... now comes the big decision. 
What colour. 
I think (maybe, possibly, perhaps) I've decided on a blue called 'afloat'. We've trialled a patch on the back wall and I think it might look alright. (That's it above, except I took the photo with my iphone in the rain, and it doesn't really look that similar. Sigh) 
But maybe I've just been suckered in by the name. Maybe I just like the nautical vibe. Maybe I just want to pretend that we're sailing away into the sunset. 
I liked the paint 'mariner' and 'ocean plunge' and 'harbour' and... well, you get the drift. 
I think the names are trying to pull a swifty on me. They're just too aspirational. 
And as you might have picked up... all my aspirations are headed straight to sea. When we do paint our house I suspect it will look ... well... pretty much like our family's beach house. Which is also a little shack... painted blue. 
So... colour advice anyone? (Painting advice wouldn't go amiss either - I've been looking at the paint sprayer in Bunninngs and going Hmmm.) 

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  1. 'Afloat' does sound wonderful. The ocean is definately an inspiration to to add colour to our lives. My inspirations are beautiful rolling hills (green) and ofcourse chocolate. Life is a rainbow :-)