Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making Me Smile

One The Holidays have started. My beloved gets a week off. Yay. The washing is now officially his business.

Two We're off to the beach for six days tomorrow. Double yay. Not just any beach, but our special beach. You know, the good one. The one all others are just pale imitations of. (Okay, except the beaches in Scotland. Up on Iona, Harris, Lewis...) 

Three My wonderful sister-in-law is coming down from Queensland. Triple yay. I foresee big fires, lots of merlot and many teas! 

Four We have finally stopped with the tag-team of various tummy bugs and flues. (Touch wood) Don't you just love a morning when you wake up and you don't have vomit in your hair? Only a  few lingering coughs remain. 

Five My roses are blooming again. Seduction and a lovely pink creeping country rose are both in flower. I have hopes my Peace rose will come out again soon. So so beautiful. Never fail to smile every time I see them. 

Six. Packets of jonquils, hyacinths and tulips are just waiting to be planted. I look at the pictures and just hum with pleasure. 

Seven. This didn't make me smile. But my beloved sure laughed. My Poppet and I were minding our own business sitting on the woodbox on the verandah. The Poppet having a nurse, me having a tea and checking the weather for the next week on my laptop. Suddenly we're drenched. And there's the Sprocket with the hose. 
Wisely, he ran and hid in the car. 

Eight. Last night when I was giving the kids their bath the Poppet wanted her new doll in with her. I said no, as the doll has a stuffed cloth body and she'd get all soggy. The Sprocket immediately got out of the bath to fetch her. "Give bubba back her dolly, mama!" 

Nine. My Poppet. Every thing she does is just magic. From the tips of her copper-gold curls,to her little toes (she's just started walking around on tip-toe,) her cheeky grin, her little stamp, every little thing she does is just enchanting. She never fails to make me smile. There's not a minute of the day when I'm not thankful that she's mine. 

Ten. My Sprocket. Those few moments when I'm not incoherent with rage or shaking my head in perplexed amazement? He's pretty funny. And sort of cute. 

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