Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My little ones in Edinburgh. Sprocket with his Pictish warrior paint (in texta, luckily washable), Littlest (AKA Hoggles) with the 'Hairy Coo' (or Highland Cow) hat and Poppet with her 'magic amulet' (just out of view).

We're in London now, just about to bring in the New Year. My Beloved and Littlest and I have spent the day wandering around the British Museum and Bloomsbury while the older two are at the Zoo with The Grands.

So Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 bring you all love, joy, health and happiness!

Joining with Jodi for the very last portraits of my wee ones for 2014.

Here's to all the promise and possibility and those amazing moments of magic for 2015...


  1. I don't think I have ever seen lovelier photos of children than the ones you take of your three. Happy new year. Jean

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