Saturday, December 20, 2014

Small Moments (from Edinburgh)

Small moments from Edinburgh as we approach Christmas. I haven't been able to take many photos (for me!) - Littlest in her carrier and holding Poppet's hand and the bag on my back all decrease my camera mobility - but reinforcements have arrived so I'm hoping to capture some of the amazing street-scapes, cathedrals and castles soon.

We are all slowly on the mend so will also start journeying further afield. Yesterday my girls and I ventured to the Georgian house while Sprocket slept off the cold and jet lag. De-touring to an op-shop for some Christmas ornaments we arrived to find… it closed for the season! The shop was open in the basement however so my feet trod the same big paving stones as the servant girls and I entered the way they would have when running their messages. Which is, truthfully, the way I suspect I would have entered if I'd been alive back in the far away!

For lunch the girls and I again ventured out and walked up to my favourite cafe - Henderson's under St John's Cathedral at the foot of the castle (and I was all gusty sighs as I remembered walking past it every day on the way to work back in the day.) We met my darling God-mama and it was so lovely catching up after such a long time. The oceans in between do make things very difficult!

(I am now a few days behind here… and I apologise for the mass of photos… but Edinburgh…! I walk around with my head constantly craning around looking up down and around again!) 

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