Saturday, December 20, 2014


Littlest- being held by Nana in her ergo. All rugged up in winter warms.

Sprocket - still a little chesty and sleepy. By the Christmas lights in Jenners.

Poppet - By the Christmas lights in Jenners.

We are now approaching wellness and our time in Edinburgh is turning delightfully dreamlike. Beloved's mum, sister & a good family friend have arrived bringing lashings of food, drink, good cheer and extra hands to herd the kids. The city continues to fill me with constant heart palpitations at the sheer beauty - the castle on the skyline… be still my heart! We met yesterday with my cousin's family and it was so so lovely seeing her and the little ones and watch our little ones play together! (Our girls share a love of pink, plastic ponies in pastels and bling)

It is possible that Father Christmas has been hitting the Edinburgh op-shops pretty hard in cahoots with his/my sister-in-law. Edinburgh op-shops are brilliant! (Also the gorgeous one-world shop under St John's.) Father Christmas only has a stop off on the Royal Mile now for Hairy Coo's (Cows) and a little bit of tartan stuff and I think he's done. (He didn't do any shopping in Australia so he's been a bit busy…)

Joining with Jodi from Scotland for a portrait of my little ones every most weeks in 2014.