Saturday, May 10, 2014


-autumn leaves
-silvered sky through autumn leaves
- babycinno. a rainy day so we took the kids to the indoor playground at bunnings. they played, chose plants (sprocket wanted lavender for his bees, poppet 'something pink'), fortuitously met with friends, and did the craft activity.
- mother's day craft activity at bunnings. beading bracelets, decorating photo frames and cards.  my Poppet was in heaven.
- camellia, finally in bloom.
-late afternoon light in Littlest's Corner.
-my mama has been staying with us this week. holding Littlest in the garden.
- Littlest was born on my friend Renee's birthday. The birthday girls together.
- autumn leaves and a little handmade shoe. Very soon Littlest will have more shoes than I do. (Guilty pleasure. Baby shoes are so gorgeous!)
-Littlest sleeping. With posset. Oops. Need to change that.

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