Sunday, May 11, 2014


It truly feels like autumn now.

The mornings start with heavy mist - especially on the drive to school, sunlight piercing through to illuminate spiders webs, the world seen in shades of grey, off-white and silver. And the day often clears to brilliant blue skies - all the better to show off the autumn leaves.

It is weather for pumpkin soups and apple crumbles, hearty puddings and many, many cups of tea.
I've been alternating between grinding spices up for spiced tea (the pepper is the crucial ingredient) and downing ridiculous quantities of lemon and honey drinks.

Because yes, with the change in temperature my Beloved has brought a leurgy home from the hospital. Saline sprays, hot towels for sore eyes and eucalyptus rubs are the name of the game. Luckily, none of the kids are showing signs of having it. Sipping my lemon-honey drink while my autumn-babe sleeps,  I read through autumn quotes, gleaning words.

amber, abundant, crisp, rustling, deciduous, apple, windy, earthy, harvested, vivid, vibrant, russet, golden, crackle, smoky, falling, seasonal, fogs, mists, tawny, withered, ripened, roasting, spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, frost, fruitfulness, reddening, saffron, nut brown, wood fire, acorn, oak, poplar, maple, furrow, fallow. 

Hello Autumn. My favourite and my best. (Despite the nasty cold). I do love you.

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