Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moments: Stills from our week

- Late afternoon light on rushes.
- Sunlight through apple leaves in the garden. I'm still feeling bit sad that the smoke kept us inside and away during the apple harvest, but we are so appreciating time in the garden now when the weather is perfect, the grass lush and the flowers blooming. I am trying very hard (and generally unsuccessfully) to stay away from plant nurseries…But the hyacinth just smelled so divine...)
-Autumn books for my Autumn baby.
- Littlest, outside enjoying the balmy weather.
- Littlest - she has a very piercing gaze. It is hard to believe that she has already been with us for two weeks. The time has raced by so quickly. I'm trying to grasp on to it, but it's just being eaten up.
-Littlest with my mother, my grandmother and my great aunt, who is visiting fleetingly from the UK.
-A field of dandelions in the sun.
-Littlest, admiring a nasturtium from the garden. I'm just about to tell her she can eat nasturtiums. I forget to tell her that just because you can eat it, doesn't mean it tastes nice. As a child I loved eating marigold petals and sucking the nectar from jasmine and honey-suckle. I might look around for some honey suckle to plant for her.
-Early morning mist.

Joining with Em for moments from our week. 


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