Monday, May 19, 2014

Littlest (Week Two)

Littlest -

You've been out in the world with us two weeks now - and I still can't quite get over the wonder of you. Many hours of the day are lost just in staring at you. The little movements of your hand - the way you can curl your fingers back as you wave your hands, keep me entranced. The way the light falls on the fineness of your skin. The content of your face as you finish the last of your milk and fall into sleep, all curves and dimples.

You are beginning to observe the world more and more. You watch through blue grey eyes - your gaze slowly moving from here to there. Your gaze latches on me - holds and then moves on to study the window-sill or fireplace with awe.

You continue to make the sweetest, funniest little noises, from the gulping as you struggle to keep up with the milk, to the soft 'ahhing' as you sleep. You're sleeping now, in the bassinet beside me, and the gentle sound of your breathing makes me smile. A few little creaking sounds and then some panting, and back to creaking. "Urrh. Urrh."

You observe your brother and sister with every sign of disapproval, your little mouth downturned like a small Queen Victoria. We are not amused.

Every day I learn something new about you - you love to be moving - to travel. You fall asleep almost instantly in the car, you love being walked out in the garden. The hair at the back of your head is the softest thing I've ever felt. You love your bath, and hate being taken out. You don't mind having your nappy changed, but you hate having clothes put on and off.

Sprocket and Poppet love you very much. When you were crying in the car your brother made up a lovely lullaby for you - it only had two words "Little Baby, Little Baby", but it was very melodic.
Your sister asks frequently to hold you - although admittedly she only wants to for a few seconds at a time. But she strokes your hair and proclaims you 'adorable' and 'the cutest'.

You have had a very busy second week. We've had a whirlwind trip to Melbourne to see your Great Great Aunt who is only in Australia for a few short weeks, cramming it in between dropping Sprocket and Poppet off at school and hurrying back in time to pick them up. You were brilliant - you slept the two hours there and the two hours back and fed well and were so alert while we visited. You've visited your first thrift shop (and slept the whole time in your sling). You've been walked around many playgrounds, gone supermarket shopping (the little capsule in the trolleys is not for you - you want to be held close in the sling, thank you very much) and been 'patted' by many school children, your head carefully stroked as they crowd around. One little girl recited Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes, the lovely Mem Fox story for you.

We are - slowly- getting better at the school run as I learn to time your feeds better and take into account the explosive nappy that's bound to happen just as I'm heading out the door. Have I knowingly run out the door with baby poo on my skirt this week? Why, yes. I just wasn't willing to spend the time changing or cleaning when it meant I might be late for pick up - but you were all cleaned up. (I didn't know about the wet patches on my top till too late...)

The days have continued beautiful. In the mornings we have driven sometimes through almost pure white fog - unable to see more than a few metres ahead - with sometimes the stark silhouette of a tree visible, and sometimes slants of sun illuminating the fields around for a moment. By midmorning the mists clear to reveal clear cloudless blue. The grass is vividly green with the rain now, the autumn colours vibrant.

Our darling Possum, our Lilli-Pilli, our little Froglet, our Squawkatron. You make our family complete and we are so glad to have you here.


  1. I love this post. You write so beautifully & lovingly. Your days sound so familiar but different. I've been lucky to have Tim home ( although he missed Sadies birth thanks to her arriving 18 days early & at lightening speed) & his mum is here also & will stay while he flies out to work so I'm yet to have to juggle all 4 kids on my own but the day will come & hopefully I can pull it off :)

  2. The juggling is definitely a struggle - I find it all depends on how much sleep I've got the night before how well we pull it off…! So sorry your partner missed Sadie's birth - but a quick arrival is definitely a blessing - and so lovely and special to have him at home in these first days!

  3. Hi Kirsty, I have just stumbled across your blog through following various links here and there - I'm sure you know what I mean! I have spent the last half an hour getting lost in your beautiful photos and words : )
    Congratulations on your newest little one - my firstborn is almost 6 months old and I have loved your posts on those first weeks of wonder and awe at taking in all of the fine features and sweet sounds of the baby that you've grown for 9 months. I am feeling thoroughly broody now! Very glad to have found your lovely blog today.

    1. It is such a special time - isn't it strange how you can have a baby… and still feel broody! I started feeling clucky again when my first was only nine months old… So glad you've enjoyed the blog!