Saturday, May 10, 2014


-Littlest. Eight days old she is just back from the hardware shop and sitting in her pusher for the first time as she supervises me planting some lavender. She is a constant delight and we are all besotted.
-Poppet. The cold weather has finally arrived and I am loving the gentle falling rain and rugging up. Poppet at the playground.
-Sprocket. About to launch across on the flying fox. This week I saw him swing himself up on top of the monkey bars and then dance on top of them. I also heard an older kid point him out to an even older kid as completely fearless. I have resigned myself to a broken limb some time, and am looking around for a gymnastics class to enrol him in.

This week, our first with Littlest, has been indescribably sweet, chaotic, sleep-deprived, busy, and beautiful. The rain has fallen gently, the skies have been grey, the mornings misty. The autumn colours have burst into their full glory and I have tried desperately to remember each moment. I don't want to forget so much as a second.

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