Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grateful for Giggles

"Excuse me, Grandpa, but there's a monster flying outside," my Sprocket says with great seriousness.
At ages two and three, my kids are starting to crack me up.
The things they come out with see-saw between sugar-sweet, surrealistic, completely random and hilarious. A strict adherence to reality is not to be noted. Often my Beloved and I have to turn away so the little ones don't see us giggling, when really we need to be serious and inform them that whatever they've said or done is totally beyond the pale.

"Mama, the birdies in my tummy are thirsty," my Sprocket tells me. "They need some water."

I lie in bed at night with my Poppet and we talk of matters of concern.
"Mama wuves me?" she asks.
"Mama loves you so so much," I tell her.
"Daddy wuves me?" she asks.
"Daddy loves you," I tell her.
"Nana wuves me?" she asks.
"Nana loves you," I assure her.
"Grandpa wuves me?" she asks.
"Granpa loves you," I tell her.
"Mickey Mouse wuves me?" she asks.
"If Mickey Mouse knew you I am completely convinced he would love you."
"Donald Duck wuves me?"
"I'm sure if Donald Duck knew you he would love you."
"Okay," she says happily. She snuggles into my arms and is soon asleep.

"Go to sleep, Grandpa," Poppet demands.
"But you'll just wake me up," my Papa says. This game has been played a few hundred times.
"No, grandpa. Go to sleep!"
"Are you sure you won't wake me up?"
My Poppet nods, all big eyes and gravitas.
My Papa pretends to be asleep, snoring loudly, and with delighted giggling Poppet throws herself on his chest and pokes him. "Wakeup Grandpa!"
"You woke me up!" my Papa cries in mock surprise.
"No, Poppet didn't wake you up," my Poppet says.
"Who woke me up then?"
"My finger!"

Every day there are new delights as I share their world that is so very different. Watching them explore, my Poppet running bird-light and giggling, my Sprocket serious and tender in his pursuit of his creepy crawlies, is always a glimpse into a fascinating other world.

Two large, pink and grubby frogs have just hopped into the living room, 'riveting' loudly and have begun climbing up the sofas. It's possible they've just turned into monkeys... Sorry... my Sprocket is now climbing the doorframe singing Incy Wincy Spider. I believe they're now arachnids.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up, but today I'm linking up with Maxabella at kidspot's 52-Weeks-of-Grateful - so grateful for these days of giggles. 


  1. And brilliant to store the memories in this blog. I kept diaries for all my kids' first years but not much written memory keeping after that. A zillion photos, but so many of the funny things they said have been lost. Cute kids you have there.

    1. I wasn't so good about keeping diaries in the kids first years - so I'm determined not to forget too much now! I forget so much unless I write it down...

  2. Too cute , I wish I'd written down the things my twins (now 6)said and still say.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Kids say the funniest things. It seems like I've blinked and suddenly my babies are little people and I've forgotten so much of the journey. 6 year old twins must be an adventure!

  3. Such beautiful memories captured here, absolutely adorable x