Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunday Stills (from the seaside)

The kids scavenging in the kitchen down at the beach house. I love how they work as a pack now.

Unknown plant: but lovely. Please tell me if you know what it is. I assume it's indigenous?

Poppet enjoying early morning sun

    The cool of the evening. Fuzzy focus but I love the softness of the blues and creams.

                                 Look at my shell!

                     Treasures from the Shore.

                                            Setting off to see the sea.

                                Good friends regard the sea.

                       Silvered Water

                        Closeup of the fence protecting the dunes from erosion.

It's been a busy, hectic week involving lots of travel, lugging boxes (and pianos) painting and preparation. But also lots of awe and wonder, the beach, the kids first Zoo trip yesterday, which left us wiped out, but full of joy at the kids intense interest. These are some more pics from our stay at the beach in the middle of the week to remind me that there were some moments of serenity! Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetleshack for Sunday Stills. 


  1. your pictures are beautiful! i love the silver of the sea and the soft white tones. look like a great collection was made there. found you via the beetleshack. have a sweet week! :)sarah

  2. What gorgeous pics of your little munchkins. the sea is such a precious space for my family too so these pics just got me. xx

  3. Lovely.

    (Made me think it is time for a little holiday).

  4. beach foraging! a favourite pastime of ours. I still have bags of shells near the back is that even a word? i think not....