Friday, November 9, 2012

Happiness is...

Happiness is (at least this morning!) a desk all of my own.
I am once again a serious-writer-person-with-a-dedicated-work-space. Procrastination is obviously a thing of the past as I will now sit and write industriously at my very-serious-desk.
Of course, I always had my desk, a solid old roll-top that once belonged to my Great Grandfather, but it was out in the garden-room being inhabited by a large family of mice. I could have used it. But the garden-room is cold and draughty with cracked concrete floors and a big gaping empty door to the garden, through which all the snails and winds trail.
Instead of braving the elements I've been writing in bed or curled on the couch (particularly nice if we have the open fire blazing.) Which has been comfy and cosy, but doesn't really suggest dedication.
My Beloved had his last exam of the year on Thursday (touch wood!) and on Friday we completely rearranged our bedroom, emptied and disinfected my desk, and hauled it inside for pride of place in our bedroom. It is tucked in a sweet corner nook with not one but two windows and every time I look at it I get happy little shivers.
I have dressed my desk with my favourite roses (which I have previously refrained from cutting,) one of my beloved Solomon Islands Carvings that was a monthiversary present from when my Beloved and I were first going out in the Solomon Islands, and a piece of my favourite twisted silver wood from a magical Summer on the Scottish island of Iona many, many years ago.
I'm willing to bet my desk will never look as tidy again. So I took a heap of photos as proof. I too, once had a tidy desk...
Happiness is a desk of my Own.
Happiness if knowing the first thing my Beloved did on finishing up his studies for the year was help me bring my desk inside, to say, yes, this is important.

Do you have a special place for following your dreams?

Today I'm joining with 52-Weeks-of-Grateful to be grateful for dreams and for the people who believe in us and help us achieve them. And of course, my wonderful new inside-desk!


  1. Oh that is just completely beautiful! I love your desk and those stunning flowers. I just recently got my own desk as we just built a new home and I am in love with it! Cheers, Mez (via Maxabella)

    1. You built your own home? Sigh. I so so want to build us a home one day. (Well, supervise the building of our own home!) I feel a bit odd being in love with an inanimate object but... yep - I do love my desk! Thanks for dropping by!