Monday, August 20, 2012


                                                              My first Docs                                      

What do you think? Frumpy, funky or fail? 
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror recently as I was running out the door to work and realised I looked like a caricature. 
And you know, a caricature of a librarian can be pretty bad. I looked exactly like the little doll of the librarian with the finger raised - if you press a button she shushes you. 

Bun? Tick. 
Mid-calf, unflattering skirt? (Actually a black cocktail dress, the first thing I grabbed in a hurry, but with a cardy on top it's just an ugly-length, black skirt)  Tick. 
Oversized, baggy cardigan? Tick. 
Thick, wool tights? Tick. 
Pumps, with buckle? Tick.  
Of course a fondness for tweed and cashmere (you can see my heart is in the highlands) can do that to you. Even if you're not a librarian. Combine the two and you have a female Giles. But without the redeeming interest of living on a hell mouth. 
Considering the rest of the time finds me in another caricature - busy mummy - worn sneakers (or, um. Uggs,) jeans or trackies, pony-tail, harried expression... 
I got worried. 
Time for a makeover? 
Summer will help... but in the mean-time... these boots arrived to cheer me up.* I was sort of hoping for a little bit redder. And my next boots will definitely have killer heels. But killer heels and toddlers don't really go. 
But do you think these can lift me out of the funk? At least till Spring arrives? 

*They are my very first Docs. My Beloved wore out 3 pairs of shoes on ward rounds and we found a pair of Docs online  that come with a lifetime guarantee. While we were on the site I saw red boots and went ooooh. My last pair of boots just died. Really died. With holes. Red... Now we are wondering if they have a lifetime guarantee because they are too uncomfortable to wear. We are both hobbling on. My beloved tells me in three weeks they will be perfect. At least they should be all worn in for our Big Trip... in two years. 

P.S I did some reading and discovered that the first people to discover Docs were German housewives after WW11. Um... Possibly not what I was looking for to escape the housewife feeling. But very practical... sensible... longlasting... 


  1. Best way to wear them in - two pairs of wet socks for a few days. THen they fit perfect forever!

  2. Wet? Um? Wet... We'll um... think about it...!

  3. I love that Nancy Pearl figurine! Don't be embarrassed by looking like her, embrace it!

    1. I love the Nancy Pearl figurine too... But I never planned to look like her! At least not yet, maybe in another 30 years. Nah, who am I kidding! In 30 years I still plan to be wearing boots with sky high heels. And a proper Giles outfit!