Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working, Working, Oh So Close!

I'm so so so close to finishing my last manuscript I can almost taste it.
Yeah, yeah, I know I said it was finished a couple of months ago, but that was the first (ultra holey) draft. This is the second draft, sans the worst of the holes!
Only one more big hole to go, and despite having yet another luergy I'm thinking of loading up on coffee tonight and finishing it. Yay.
And it's all thanks to the kid's wonderful, amazing, blissful childcare. Living a couple of hundred miles from friends and family they're pretty much the whole shebang rolled into one and tied with a nice big bow. And believe me, if this book does eventually get published I'll be dedicating it to them. Well, and the kids and my Beloved. But basically the wonderful women who keep my kids happy so I can spend a few hours each week with the stories jiving and tapping and tangoing away in my head.
Yesterday morning the kids' childcare phoned to say there'd been a cancellation and there was room for the kids, and I leapt on it with tears of gratitude. **
After depositing the kids, I hurried home and set up office.

Our fruit trees are finally coming into blossom...

There was a wonderful blue sky...

So I set up my office in the garden, grabbing the most transportable table and chair

and a cup of tea in my very favouritest cup (much thanks Leongatha Thrift-Shop)

And set to writing an entirely delightful chapter of pixie, dragon, faun & other fantastical creature revels on a tiny speck of a tropical island.
It was truly grand...
And only the big scene with the Council in the Great Library of Scheherezade to go and all the major holes have been darned. Or plugged. Or whatever.
So close... so close!

*My Sprocket's teacher was telling me yesterday that my Sprocket came up to her and said "I love you Jo-Jo," and she said. "I love you, too, Sprocket," and he said "I know." Awww.
He hasn't seen Return of the Jedi yet, I promise!

** The day before had started with the kids covering themselves and the walls with my very last lipstick, and got worse from there. Let's just say it involved lots of potty-training mis-adventures and meltdowns from all parties. When I phoned begging for some time and they told me there was no room, I dripped into a murky puddle of misery. But joy cometh in the morning! 


  1. I am working on a third read-through, this time with typing comments and random spelling/grammar corrections here and there. :-) coming your way soon!

  2. Thank you so so much!
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your time and hard work - immeasuarably! It makes such a difference to see someone elses take on what's actually on the page rather than what was in my head!

  3. I'm sorry I was slow! I kept imagining what the movie would look like while I was reading, and then forgetting I was supposed to be editing. haha!

  4. Oooh! A movie. Sigh! that would be wonderful! So glad you liked it! (I'm going through and putting in your edits now. Again - much thanks!)