Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Which Superhero Would you Most Like to Be?

Did you ever think being Batman would be a blast? Maybe Wonder Woman's outfit would do wonders for your social life?
I haven't yet found a Superhero I want to swap places with. Library Girl with superhuman research skills has yet to make an appearance on the big screen. (Giles? Hmm. But where's the lycra?)
My Sprocket (AKA Spider Boy), on the other hand, has it sorted.

               Oh look, here's a door frame. Why don't I just climb that? *

                                                     Note impressive toe work

                Reaching the top of the door frame and wondering where to go next...

So I knew that, as parents, my Beloved and I could expect to find ourselves climbing the walls a few times. But I thought it was figurative. I did not imagine anyone in our household actually doing it.
This is why nothing in our house is safe.**

So anyway, he's three, folks. Is this normal?

*In general, we have a strict(ish) no climbing in the house policy. If you climb inside you are promptly shunted outside to find a tree like the little monkey you are. But in this case I was so perplexed I just went to find the camera.
**But let me consider the possibilities of a reasonably lucrative career as a cat-burglar for my Sprocket. The possibility of extended jail time is high - but at least there'd be no HECS debt nor extended study period. Pondering, pondering.


  1. Never wanted to be a super hero. I've wanted to date one :-) when I was young is was Astro boy. As I got older it became Optomus-Prime (I know he is a machine, it was the voice I think) and Gambit from the X-men. At the moment it is Bear Grills (* not a super hero you say? Don't put down my future husband like that. LOL)

  2. Oh yes. Astro Boy was a big hit with me too! Um... you do know Bear Grills is married? (I'll give you the Superhero bit though. Definite superpowers!) I keep waiting for him to write a book about bringing up 3 boys... I'm betting his kid-tips would be interesting... Or maybe he's too busy off in the wilds drinking monkey pee and it's his wife who's the true super hero?