Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Fairy Dust Please!

My Beloved's Mum has been staying with us for the last week and it's a bit like having our own personal Fairy, sprinkling fairy dust everywhere and making everything shiny and glittery.
I think we've all found it a bit like lots of Christmases and Birthdays rolled into one. Except better, because normally with Christmas or a Birthday, afterwards there's all this mess to clean up. With the Magical Fairy visit there's no mess. I turn around and all the mess is gone. Pouff! Like magic.
All the laundry is done. Seriously I haven't done a load all week. The dishes. The floor. Sparkling. And this is despite the fact that the day after our Own Special Fairy arrived she came down with both the Flu and the Gastro that's been plaguing us. (Yes, even Fairies get the flu. Who knew?) Our Fairy just soldiered on. Seriously. Magic. Maybe it's a Nana thing? Obviously I have a lot to learn before my own Grandkids arrive!
Our Fairy goes home tomorrow and I'm devastated. It's sort of lonely out here, and I'm so going to miss someone to talk to. Especially a Magic Fairy that just sprinkles Fairy Dust and makes everything all sparkly. I've discussed with my Beloved the 'magical' disappearance of our Fairy's plane ticket. But he pointed out that it would be an e-ticket and not so easy to let the kids accidentally eat/paint/bury.
So I've resigned myself.
Now I'm just working out our flights up to Queensland for the kids and I to visit the Fairy in her FairyHouse. We're going up at Christmas too, but that just seems too far away. This is sort of so my Beloved gets kid-free time around exams, but mainly because... well the kids and I will just miss the magic!*

*My Beloved will hopefully fly up for a little bit too, but he'll only get to come up for a weekend, max. We'll send him photos...

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