Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Princess Maisie-Mu in the Enchanted Forest

What? You think I've been playing around with the photos? You wrong me! The colours looked exactly like that! Well... sort of. At the tail end of summer everything was just a little bit dry and brown. So I fixed it - the little green there was is now really green!
I took these photos on the way to and from the sea along my very-favouritest path through the ti-tree grove. As a kid I was convinced it was a fairy path, and I do still think it's the ideal setting for a fairytale. With of course, the amazing Princess Maisie-Mu as the heroic, kind, courageous, witty and assertive heroine. Prince Caleb can play side-kick, but in my stories... the girl is always the protagonist! (But we promise to read you lots of books with very heroic heroes, my Sprocket!)