Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Dreams...

Bedtime, when the kids are all washed and clean and looking angelic, is one of my favourite times of day.
As my beloved gave me a new lens for my mother's day present * (I know, it's not mother's day yet, but once he had it we decided it wasn't doing much good sitting around) we have been experimenting with taking photos in low light. So here are some photos straight from the bath and about to launch into stories.

                                          Big smile from my Golden Girl
                                                       Jumping on Daddy

                                                    My milk. All mine. Stay Away.

Now you might be thinking there's a bit of a bias here. Quite a few photos of the Poppet, but not so many of the Sprocket. There is a very simple reason for this. All the photos with the Sprocket in them looked like this:

So the verdict on the new lens? Great for little girls who stay still. Not so good for little boys who caterpault around!
The following shots were taken with the old lens, but I took them during the day when the kids randomly decided to pretend to go to bed. (This is a brilliant game! We can play it every single day or even every hour of every day) In daylight we could even get some photos of Caleb!

*My beloved said that when he told the lady in the shop the lens was a mother's day present she rolled her eyes, but capturing memories of my kids when they're little and cute is my favouritest thing. 

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