Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's in a Name?

I'm itching for a name change.
It keeps tugging at me, sort of like the Poppet tugging my top for her milk. Change me, change me! (Lordy, and now I'm thinking of nappies. Sigh!) 
It's not my own name that needs changing of course, not even the title of my novel - although I'm still undecided about that as well. It's characters names. 
There are two names in my present novel that-just-aren't-right. Which is particularly distressing as each of these characters later gets her own novel - so if I stuff up now I stuff up good. I keep hoping if I give them a little time they'll turn out to be right. But so far, several years later, no luck. For the five sisters in my present series so far all but one has had a name change. But... I'm still not feeling the rightness. Nell, Bella and Susie are right. (As right as their first-incantation names were wrong) but Rose and Amaya are... irking me. 
At present I think Rose needs to become Rosa (she needs a floral type of name) and Amaya become Mai-Mai... is Mai-Mai too annoying? 

Sigh. Help!


  1. What about Maya, Mia or Mya? Same feel.

  2. I think I've decided on Caro and Rosa... but I'm open to more suggestions!