Monday, April 16, 2012


As if Pinterest wasn't enough - I've found another addiction. 
Instagram. (O? You noticed? My new banner is a bit of hint, lots of slightly out of focus iphone photos - suddenly all glowing gold!)
Now when I snap a photo on my iphone (okay, the one my beloved lets me borrow) and the light is all iffy I can Instagram it - and voila - all better!
A shot I really love but lacking that zing factor? I can pop it through to instagram and add all sorts of tints and tones and funky retro borders to it. Magic.

I know I'm way behind the times in getting into Instagram, but moi? I still think I get points for finally finding and using it! I admit I'm not creating avant guard artwork that speaks to the soul - it's still just the family snaps, but it sure is fun. 
I'm not exactly sure why it was brought and sold for so much money recently - a billion is the rumour I heard, as while it's true many people use and love it - it's free. At present it is earning zip. Zero. 
So cool as it is, I'm a little perplexed. On the other hand, I'm used to being perplexed by the world of IT and I'm sure it'll all work itself out without my intervention. 
However... as with Pinterest, Instagram is something that I'd miss if they decided to take it away. I wouldn't curl over and cry (as I might if Pinterest collapsed - all my beautiferous, carefully hunted and gathered images gone? - non and non and non!) but I'd be sad. There would be frowning. And snuffling. And forlorn-ness. 

Are you on top of your social media addictions? Or are they eating you up? (and please don't say you don't have any, I'll just be depressed!)


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    1. Thankyou! I like them! There are lots more to come! (The whole addiction bit!)