Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Ooosh. Sigh. 
That's me catching my breath after a lovely jam-packed weekend. My beloved and I had a great time sans kids (much thanks to the inlaws!) up in the ACT and now feel somewhat as if we've been run over by several large, concrete rollers. 
We were invited to the wedding of an old uni friend of my beloved's up in Canberra and we decided to drive up to it, leaving the kids in the capable hands of my beloved's parents and sister. 
After eight scenic hours we arrived in our capital city on Friday night and obviously got lost. Finally finding our hotel (pretty much plonk in the middle of all the ring roads) we sank into the wonder of having a big bed ALL TO OURSELVES! We could sleep stretched out, sprawled out, however we wanted. It was magic. Well. After I'd expressed for half an hour it was magic. 
The following day we met up with my friend, Bec,  who had been my housemate during my volunteer time in Tonga and who I miss so so much. So strange remembering back all those years (lets not mention how many but quite a few) when we where talking about the guys we would someday meet and the kids we wanted to have and knowing that we have now met and married our beloveds and have our precious little ones. Bec's wonderful little boy, Josh, and lovely husband were there and we enjoyed coffee and a stroll in Canberra's truly wonderful Botanical gardens that have wallabies and bearded water dragons (may I just say wow.)
Bec and Jon then introduced us to a fantabulous winery and I was very excited because a. it was my very first winery visit (odd as I grew up less than an hour from the Yarra Valley) and b.) I finally tasted what I was supposed to taste. It wasn't chocolate or lemon after rain or anything, it was in fact, pepper, but the graciano tasted very peppery. And I was very happy. 
Saying goodbye my beloved and I zonked out ( and I de-milk-gorged) until the wedding which was just beautiful. The ceremony was lovely and very moving and the reception tah-da! - was in another stunning winery. (I went from having been to no wineries to two in a single day - very cool!) The bride looked amazing, the groom very happy and the speeches made me cry. (And this despite the fact it was the first time I'd met the bride!) There were hoards of exceptionally cute children which I always think is a plus at weddings and many pretty dresses and shoes to admire. And sigh. I just love weddings. 
But... although it was wonderful being away coming home was the most exciting thing. That bit when we were 15, 10, 5 minutes away and so close to seeing our babies again was so hard! 
But... we are now home, sleepy and grumpy and so so happy to have our little ones around us!