Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Christmas

This will be our little families first Christmas ever in our own home. And while it has been lovely being with our families for Christmas we are very excited that this year we will sing carols at our own church, put up our stockings in front of our own fire place and wake upon Christmas morning in our very own little house. 
Today we put up our advent calendar (carefully stuffed with chocolate)and we chose our tree - a little pine in a pot (chosen so we can put it up high out of destructions way!) and joyfully decorated it with our collection of little baubles. Okay. I admit it. Master Mayhem was sleeping at the time.
However, we wandered around the nursery as a family looking at all the different choices for Christmas Trees...! I had a hankering for an apricot tree - my family have a tradition of Christmas-Fruit-Trees - but the only one there was sort of spindly and lanky. We considered a gardenia - remembering last years beautifully scented Christmas Shrub - and let's be honest, you can never have too many gardenias! - but then we passed the little pines and the Sprocket shouted 'Christmas Tree' and that was that. 
Our very first Christmas tree in our very first little home.