Sunday, December 11, 2011


The best advice I ever received was one word. 
I'd gone to a birthday party and a mum arrived with three boys. 
I'd looked them over carefully and they'd all appeared to be in one piece, happy and well behaved. 
So I'd asked their mum what her secret was and she had thought for a very short space of time and then said:
"After breakfast I take them outside. And after lunch I take them outside. And after dinner - well we go outside." 
"So basically, go outside," I'd clarified. 
She had nodded. 
And thus it was. 
Best words of wisdom ever. And hey, it works for girls just as well as for boys. 
Going over this with my husband he asked if we should build a kennel and after the required glare I said no, but a treehouse might be good. 
We're working on it.
In the meantime here are some fav recent 'Outside' snaps. 


  1. I believe there is a single word that can be used for times when "Outside" is not heeded.


    Toddlers make you quick on your feet.

  2. Great idea - and very cute hat!