Friday, December 2, 2011


You have been with us three years now O my Sprocket - and neither your daddy or I can imagine a time pre-you. It seems you must always have been around, hovering, waiting to be born to us. 

From the moment I saw your tiny round face in the hospital I tumbled headlong into love and each day we just love you more. Our alert and happy baby, our chubby, social, adventurous golden haired tot, racing to see the world and now here you at three. 

Still happy, alert, definitely adventurous, problem-solving, imaginative, curious, agile, affectionate. 

You have a sense of humour now and will laugh uproariously over things you find funny. 

You can scale seven feet of kitchen cupboard and are a Houdini for opening latches and chains. 

You can slide down fire-poles in playgrounds kids twice your age have trouble with. 

You love pretending "I am Buzz Lightyear - I come in Peace - I fly!" you tell us as you swing from your sisters cot. 
 "I'm a bug mummy!" you tell me as you climb up the living room curtains. 

You love dress-ups, hats, shoes, cloaks, bug costumes, dinosaur costumes, my shower cap, your daddies shoes. All are used to fuel your imagination.

You renamed yourself Ghee about 6 months ago. While you answer to your name, you always call yourself Ghee. Still don't have a clue why. People suggest it's your way of saying 'me' but I don't buy it. 

You love your little sister and are quick to rush to her defence. 

You give her little pats and soppy kisses if she is upset. 

You are still our little cuddle-up-agus, (we hope you always will be...) to be relied on for a hug and a snuggle and you love to curl up to us. 

You give us slobbery kisses and little pats as well, if we are hurt. 

"Sore head, daddy? Poor daddy. Ghee kiss it better." Pat Pat.Pat. I think the pat is something I do when I cuddle you after a fall or a bump and you have copied it. Your sister has too. 

You are copying us so much now! 

It is so droll to see your big boy swagger as you run after the big kids. 

Over the next little while I'll put up some photos of your adventures - you're only 3 but you've already lived in 3 places, been to 7 countries, travelled in more than 35 planes (including tiny ones) and gone on countless canoes, yachts, trains, trams and buses. Kid, you're already our little adventurer, explorer, tamer of the wild and wildener of the tame!

You are growing so fast, my little one. Your daddy and I can hardly keep up. Each day you have so many new words, phrases, ways of being. And yet remain so intrinsically yourself.  

Happy third year, darling! 


  1. Great that he and Buzz 'come in peace' Very appropriate for Christmas!

  2. Sounds so much like my little man who has just turned 3 too - he loves fairy dresses and hairclips too though!