Thursday, December 15, 2011

We did it! First Year Med Done and Dusted.

My beloved and I have officially passed first year Medicine. 
Yep. I consider I passed too though I've lifted nary a one of the hulking big text books that litter our house. That's called being married. All of the glory and none of the hard work! 
But let me say now I am so proud of my Beloved. 
I can safely say I didn't have a clue what med school was like before this year. How could I? I was an arts student. My undergrad was designed to make me a first class cafe worker. I drifted around with 9 contact hours a week learning about Pirates and their Enemies, Byzantium in the Sixth Century, Early Irish Kings, Queens, Warriors and Goddesses. Don't get me wrong - it was amazing stuff and I loved it and it gave me such a better understanding of the richness and density of history - but it was nothing like this. 
This has been 9-5 classes, 5 days a week - and then study on top of that. Study that has been done at to accommodate rambunctious toddlers and family time. 
I would swear I have literally seen my Beloveds brain shift to accommodate the sheer depth of stuff-he-needs-to-know. He's commented that their haven't been any hard concepts to learn - just A LOT OF STUFF. 
So - yay. We did it.