Friday, December 2, 2011

Building Traditions

Our little family has not been around for very long. My beloved and I have been sharing Christmases for five years, and our Sprocket arrived in time for three of them. 
So we're still building our traditions. 
Which is exceptionally exciting. But somewhat of a juggling act. 
Merging his traditions and my traditions into our traditions. 
Especially as I am from Victoria and my beloved is from Queensland so our Christmases always involve travel. 
Now our children are beginning to understand about Christmas this has become even more special. These early advent celebrations, putting up the Advent Calendar, hanging up the stockings, setting out the nativity, lighting the Advent Candles, singing carols, all seem immeasurably sweeter when you see the awe in your little children's eyes. 
Christmas for me as a child.... the scent of just blown out candles, the most magic of carols, the long wait in  bed when it was still so cruelly light and trying to fall asleep so I would wake and it would be Christmas day, the scent of pine from the lop-sided and-in-danger of collapse pine branch, the rattly tram journey to my great aunts and singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing for Grace and the unforgettable roast lunch, and playing in my aunt's glorious, fruit-laden garden... 
My Children's Christmases... involve... candles and carols... and Christmas-day plane trips and bucket loads of prawns, lush humidity, long car trips, mangoes and watching the youtubed Christmas Story... and lots and lots of love.
And it is so lovely to know, I am so grateful to know that my beloved and I are creating the traditions that our family will keep adding to and slightly changing and tweaking and delighting in. 
As long as our Christmases keep holding lots and lots of love. 

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  1. It's such an honour to be able to interpret our own traditions, isn't it? To take the bits you loved and remembered and add to them in a way that is uniquely your family's own. Enjoy very muchly! x