Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Ghee or not To Ghee? - what's in a name?

The Sprocket decided quite awhile ago that his name is actually 'Ghee'. 
I don't know why. 
Obviously, we did not Christen him The Sprocket, but we didn't Christen him 'Ghee' either. 
For a start his surname begins with a G and that would make his initials G-G like the sweetly creepy or creepily sweet old black and white film Gigi. 
And for a second it makes me think of the clarified butter from India. 
Neither of which are the associations I wanted for my beloved first-borns name.
I like the name we chose for the Sprocket. I like its meaning. I like its history. I like the way it sounds with his other names. I like the way it rolls off the tongue. 
Unfortunately, it appears that the Sprocket does not like it. 
Sure he'll answer to his given name, but he always refers to himself as 'Ghee' and if you ask him his name he tells you 'Ghee'. 
I've spent quite a bit of time puzzling over why The Sprocket decided on this name change and I can find no answers. People have suggested that it's his version of 'me', but I don't quite come at that. He says 'my' and 'mine' readily, often and with enthusiasm. 
The big question though, is should we go along with it? 
At the moment we call The Sprocket 'Ghee' about half the time, because hey, that's obviously how he thinks of himself. 
Should toddlers have self-determination over their name? It doesn't really matter. I don't think. Does it? 
Does anyone know any other toddlers who decided to re-name themselves? 
What they chose? Why they did it? If it was permanent? Does it mean anything? 
I am puzzled, perplexed and curious! 

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