Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grateful for knitting and knitters

The sun is finally out so I can dry the Poppet's cardigans out on the washing line rather than draped around the house. I love the tiny cardigans - what's not to love, everything small seems to tug at the heart strings, but little hand made stuff seems to do so doubly - but they're a pain and a half to wash and dry. 

Every so often I give in and throw one in the dryer and we end up with a very dense teddy-bear top. 

Watching them flapping on the washing line just makes me smile so today I'm grateful for knitting and crochet and people who can knit and crochet. Especially the wonderful women who knit things for craft fairs and church fetes and op-shops.

I love the idea of my Poppet and Sprocket being dressed in clothes that are hand made with love and affection. I love the idea of them joining the long tradition of children dressed in painstakingly crafted garments filled with love.

Unfortunately, I can’t knit. Well, not anything that requires corners to turn or stitches to change. I can make ragged and uneven scarves and holey blankets, but that’s the very outer edge of my craft skills.

As for grandmothers.  Hmmm. 

One is working on improving the heart-breaking health situation in Papua New Guinea and the other is doing a Phd on Malarial bugs in East Timor, when not rallying for various causes.

So.  Attending rock concerts in aid of impoverished and oppressed nations? 


Wise, informed and passionate women who work hard to make a real difference in the world?


Knitting booties? 


Which is why I give thanks for the women who do knit. Who keep the traditions going. Who stock the church fetes and op-shops with dainty little cardigans and adorable little beanies.  Who crochet tiny shoes.  I give thanks that they sell them for what must surely be less than the price of the material. They truly are labours of love.

I'm grateful for people in the younger generation who have the patience and dexterity and heart to continue these traditions.

I am grateful that because of these kind-hearted and skillful people I have been able to dress my children in warm and cosy, dainty and beautiful clothes, made with love. 

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