Sunday, August 21, 2011

Princess Poppet the Tea-Leaf (and the return of my phone)

My Poppet is entering the phase when high-status objects take on immense importance. The plastic copies (unless they come with enough bling and buzz) do not cut it. I'd thought I had until her teens - twelve years away - until she declared she couldn't live without her desired object. 
I was mistaken.
She informs me on an hourly basis that she cannot live unless I give her my phone, my purse, my car keys, my electric toothbrush or my credit card. So far she has shown no desire for my scrubbing brush. Clever Poppet. 
So, my mobile phone has been missing in action for the last week and a bit. Especially upsetting as I had a job interview and had to admit - 'the number I gave you is no longer current (I think my little boy posted it somewhere)' 
So my Beloved spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning the car and removing all the apples with one bite out of them and mandarine segments sucked of the juice and discarded. 
And right at the very end as he was putting the baby-seats back in, he tipped the Poppet's seat upside down and gave it a shake... and out fell... my phone 
I had been evilly accusing the wrong small and acquisitive child. 
I had actually checked the Poppet's seat for my mobile, and under and beside the Poppet's seat, I could have sworn I checked everywhere, but obviously, not carefully enough. 
So, if my Poppet comes to visit, guard your valuables. 
And also - I have my phone back! Yay!