Monday, August 30, 2021

Sea Treasures

The tide has washed away all the previous days footprints leaving the beach smooth and cool and scattered in sun-caught treasures. 

I lie on the sand for a better look at the dew caught on a small by-the-wind sailor or velella-velella, and wade through shallow water, admiring the shadows cast by the ripples, the ever-changing reflections in the clear water. 

Along the water mark are small shells and tiny blobs of jelly fish, illumined with the gold of the rising sun to look jewel-light. 

Without even my dogs to lunge and pull and stare at me with expectation, its a time of stillness, a time to observe and reflect and remember. 

Once, I had this time so frequently I thought nothing of it. Once, hours spent with myself, wandering shorelines was my normal. 


1 comment:

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