Monday, August 9, 2021



Taking photos as the light fades, movement is often too much for my camera. The photos are blurred, faces indistinct. Again, the dogs often pull at me, and I can't keep the camera still enough for a clear image. 

On reflection, I've come to enjoy the blurred image. Not everything has to be in sharp focus (indeed I wish the carpet and bathroom would blur themselves so I didn't have such constant reminders of vacuuming and scrubbing I need to do.) 

In the last few years, my eyesight, which has always been perfect, has become less than perfect. At present it is just the tiny writing of ingredients on small containers I cannot read without glasses, but I know that will change. 

I love the details of all that is hidden in the macro-world, all the little lives of spiders and insects busying themselves within leaves and grass stalks, but there is something soothing and restful about the indistinct. 

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  1. The photos are beautiful, like impressionist paintings