Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Stills

 1. Coffee Candles. Last week while washing the dishes the kitchen was suddenly full of the heady smell of coffee. Some detective work showed me my Sprocket had got into the coffee and made an aromatic mountain on the kitchen floor. I decided the time had come to finally put a pinterest idea into play and voila coffee candles! They smelt divine!

2. My Poppet adores a cartoon called Peppa Pig and on the hotter nights last week she begged for 'muddy puddles' to jump in while I watered my poor, dried out garden. It's nice to be able to bring so much joy so easily!

3 & 4. See above! Lots of fun in muddy puddles!

5. A promise Autumn is truly on the way. Raindrops on oak leaves!

6. My Poppet running on the beach.

7. My Sprocket with a smoothed stone.

8. My Poppet rugged up for Autumn!

Joining with the wonderful Em at The Beetleshack for Weekly Stills. 


  1. that expression on Sprocket's face is EXACTLY like one I have seen you make. lol. :-)

  2. It is the strangest feeling seeing my own expression looking back at me! It's happening increasingly frequently!

  3. Such gorgeous photos! Loving the idea of coffee candles, they look so lovely too.
    Sophie x