Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tea with Me

Over at teacups too, Em had the lovely idea of virtual cups of tea – a cup of tea and a drop in. I’ve been meaning to take part for a while – this week I’m finally organized!
If you were to drop around I would try to talk you into a coffee or a spiced tea, as they’re fun to make, and I’m a little spice and coffee obsessed at the moment. In this heatwave, iced teas and coffees would also be strong contenders.
Failing that you would chose from my tea collection. My fall backs are Earl and Lady Grey, with Liquorice Legs and Peppermint tea the favs from the herbals, but there's at least a dozen more to tempt you.
I recently discovered the joys of baking with kids (they have a longer concentration for cooking than nearly anything else) so with luck there would be cupcakes or biscuits, failing that fruit and  cheese. 
Teas brewed or coffees made, we would wander into the garden and sit and talk about our dreams for the future, books and music, travel, philosophies of life and stalking happiness.
The weather is warm now, but the garden is shady. (And believe me, this bizarre heatwave would come up in conversation. This is supposed to be autumn - what’s with two weeks over 30 degrees? I was promised sock-wearing and open-fires - I want a refund!) We would watch as the parrots came to steal my apples and walnuts and the leaves murmured in the breeze. My dog would sleep at our feet and the children would squeal and squabble.

Who's for another cuppa?


  1. Ices tea and cupcakes sound delicious. As does dreams, books as stalking happiness. Lovely tea date for sure :)

  2. Thank you for inviting me. The tea was wonderful!

  3. Oh how sweet! I would take peppermint tea and talk your ear off about my dreams :) xx

  4. Oh I am so in for a coffee and spice tea they sound very fun and delicious. I would love to be sitting in your garden watching those parrots in the warmth of pretend Autumn days. Thank you for having tea. xxx