Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Stills

1. Trying to make more room in my bookshelves, I offloaded a lot of childhood favourites into the kids room. I still read them all every year...
2. My Poppet's new doll (courtesy of the Sunday Market, no I didn't crochet the dress!) all tucked in...
3.  Vanilla and Elderflower ice-cream. Heat waves = lots of ice-cream.
4. My sandy Sprocket, happy by the sea.
5. Long weekend crowds at The Cove.
6. Addicted to the play of light and water.
7. My Sprocket playing in the sand in the shadow of the tall trees.
8. I love seaweed (except when it's wrapped around my legs...)
9. Poppet running along the beach in late afternoon light.
10. My Poppet and the rock tower.

Joining with the lovely Em at The Beetleshack for Sunday Stills. I'm loving looking at little windows into lives from all over the world.


  1. I would love some of that beautiful sunshine and visits to the beach, such a perfect way to spend a warm day. Have a lovely week. :)

  2. These are really beautiful photos Kirsty, thanks for sharing. Alison

  3. You could have stopped with the bookshelf and I would have loved it all just as much ;)
    Love your beach shots too, I see you're squeezing the last drop out of summer there too!

  4. These shots are all so lovely, as is your possum's adorable bonnet! Xx ashley

  5. Beautiful pictures. The beach shots have me wishing for a hoilday.

  6. ooohhh beautiful beach! i love beaches where green foliage grows all the way down to the sand. love the ice cream shot x