Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Every Night

Every night, in the golden glow of a room enclosed in night, just before lights out, my Poppet and I curl up together, face to face.
Every night when teeth are brushed, curls are still damp from her bath, jammies are on and stories are read, my Poppet delays sleep for five minutes more.
Every night my Poppet reaches over and slings an arm around my neck.
Every night my Poppet whispers, "Goodnight, Mummy, sleep well."
Every night I reply, "Goodnight, darling."
Every night my Poppet whispers,"Sweet dreams, Mummy." And every night her face is alight with joy and soft spoken secrets.
Every night my Poppet says "I love you, too, Mummy."  She always says "I love you, too," not just "I love you."
And every night I tell her, "I love you so so much, my Poppet. I'm so happy you're you."
Every night she takes my face in both her hands and gently pats my cheek with one hand. Every night she will whisper again, "Goodnight, Mummy, sweet dreams."
And every night I tell her, "Time for sleep, my little one. Eyes closed now."
Every night she whispers, "Alright, Mummy."
And every night she rolls onto her back, closes her eyes and begins fake-snoring. Fake snoring so loudly and enthusiastically you can hear her in the next room.
And every night I hope she isn't copying me.
And every night I think how lucky I am, that every single night my little girl takes my face in her hands and tells me that she loves me. 

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