Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Stills 9/52

1. Flowers at the Queen Vic Market.
2. My Sprocket looking down on the Yarra River.
3. At a coffee tastings at Seven Seeds Cafe. I regret to say I did not at all taste (or smell) what I should have been tasting or smelling -except once a scent of tea rose - but it was a heap of fun.
4. Impossible (for me!) to go to the Queen Vic market and not get a jam donut!
5. My Poppet blowing a plastic trumpet.
6. Baking. I have only recently realised how quick and easy it is. I had no idea. I thought it was really hard and complicated.
7. My Sprocket at his Nana and Grampa's house - inspecting a robot-with-a-button.

Joining with the wonderful Em of The Beetleshack for Weekly Stills. 

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