Sunday, June 17, 2012

Would the world really go nuclear every month?

So my beloved was driving me to work today and we were just randomly talking.
"What do you think the world would be like if women ran the show?" I asked.
"You mean apart from the world going nuclear every month?" he said.
He forgot to put on his P.C hat this morning. I glared at him.
"Hey, just for three days of the month," he modified. My glare did not lessen.
He tried to be serious. "Hon, just from my observations, in general, women don't seem to take the emotion out of things that well. If you're dealing with countries, that's not good." *
"But you're assuming that if women were in control there would be countries. I'm not sure there would," I countered. For that matter, I wasn't sure if we'd have gone the nuclear route either.
And I went back to thinking about what a women-created world would be like.
Would we have moved on from tribal? Would we have moved on from tribal but decided nations were a waste of time and we were all just people?

What would it really mean for women to be in charge... or even equal?
For women to be in charge childcare would have to be better for one.
I think there'd be a national service - or worldwide service if we had forgone nations, of childcare. At 18 every one would have to do a year of kiddy-duties. Possibly two, depending on demand.
Now, I did think perhaps teenager should not be trusted with toddlers, but if we trust 18 year olds with guns and tanks, surely we should be able to trust them with toddlers and pre-schoolers. After training of course. With supervision... Think how parenting skills would be improved! I could definitely have done with more training. And I did a heap of babysitting growing up.

Nurturers would be lauded. The people who heal and teach would be honoured.
Work hours and school hours would co-incide better. Sport would be thought frivolous (apart from ice-dancing, yoga and gymnastics and bushwalking) and clothes would be serious. (Or would they?)
There would be a holiday every year to celebrate the people who invented the pill.
Would people in the majority world be better off? Or would women be just as ego-centric as men?
I'm fairly sure there would be a lot less domestic violence and murders. Work loads throughout the world would be very differently distributed...
This is a subject of interest to me at present as the book I'm working on centers around a world that has been created by the imaginings of a family of women over 1400 years. If women imagined a world into being over hundreds of years - what would it look like? What would it's strengths be, it's weaknesses?
Would it really fall to pieces every month? (Well no, they can imagine anything they want. In this world - those little flowers you eat to get rid of PMT actually work.)
It's an interesting task. Imagining perfection is odd, but it's good to have an idea as to what to work towards in this world.
Ideas would be good. Lots of ideas.
A perfect, female-imagined world - what would it look like? 

*Please note, this 'just from my observations' is from a guy who would not accept 'fire is hot' unless there was quantitative, not qualitative, evidence based on thousands of randomised-blinded trials, and all confounding variables had been eliminated. 


  1. Haha. He is hilarious. I am surprised he continued to go there with conversation. Actually if I really think about it, it is probably something he would say. Still funny. A women run world would be so much more compassionate and organised

  2. A lot of music and dancing!!